Practicing classical Japanese karate in a safe and collegial setting.


The Charles Fink Karate Dojo provides high quality, professional, and traditional (classical) karate instruction. It creates a small and meaningful group environment with emphasis on individual skill development, fitness, confidence, camaraderie, and community development.

The Charles Fink Karate Dojo aims to be recognized as the preferred karate school in the Greater Sudbury area.

Teaching Philosophy
The art of karate is beautiful and is meant to be shared.  I received this amazing gift from my Sensei and aim to pass it along to others.  In that light, there is no charge for training – it is my gift to you.  Membership fees go towards maintaining the regular operation of the Dojo such as rent, equipment, facilities, etc.  Moneys raised are re-invested into the Dojo for the benefit of the membership.

Membership Fees
While memberships fees are collected monthly, they are calculated in 4-week blocks.  On an annual basis, this adds up to 48 weeks of training.  The remaining 4 weeks of the year allow for Dojo closures – mainly 2 weeks over the Christmas Holidays, 2 weeks in the summer (typically the last week of June/first week of July), and at miscellaneous times throughout the year.  See the Schedule for more details.

The Charles Fink Karate Dojo aims to create a safe and pleasant training environment for all members.  In order to achieve this, we adhere to the the following policies:

  • The free uniform applies to new students at registration time only.
  • All students must join Karate Ontario (included in your fees).
  • Students yellow belt and up and over the age of 10 must join the Seiwakai (included in your fees).
  • Students brown belt and up must join the JKF Gojukai (included in your fees).
  • The Dojo will be closed for the Holiday (Christmas) Season and for 2 weeks in the summer – the dates will vary from year-to-year.
  • The Dojo observes all statutory holidays and as such, will be closed on those days.
  • There are no refunds on membership fees
  • Memberships may not be transferred to another participant.
  • Students who leave the Dojo and wish to return to training after having their membership lapse will do so at the membership rate at the time of their return.
  • Training times are subject to change with proper notice – please consult the web site for schedule updates.

Please discuss any extenuating circumstances with Sensei ahead of time.