Practicing classical Japanese karate in a safe and collegial setting.

Top 10

Top 10 Reasons to join the Charles Fink Karate Dojo

Reason #10: Learn new skills and challenge yourself

  • Karate is unlike any common North-American discipline or sport

Reason #9: Intercultural experience

  • Travel the province, the country, and the world
  • Discover Japanese culture

Reason #8: Personal growth

  • Goal setting and Self Mastery
  • Develop a discipline and perseverance that can be applied in everything else you do

Reason #7: Self defence

  • Practice a traditional martial art
  • Hope to never have to use it but have the tools and knowledge in case you do

Reason #6: Health & Fitness

  • Develop strength, flexibility, coordination, agility, balance, etc.
  • It’s also an excellent stress relief

Reason #5: Professional growth

  • Learn to teach and motivate groups of students
  • Contribute to the successful operation of a traditional Dojo

Reason #4: Escape

  • Do something outside the norm
  • Break the old routines and establish new, positive ones

Reason #3: Camaraderie and social interaction

  • Meet new people and make new friends – connect with like-minded people all over the world
  • Interact with other members of the community.

Reason #2: Compete

  • Participate in local, provincial, national, and international tournaments (if you wish to)

Reason #1: It’s fun!

Join today and start reaping the rewards.

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